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Gregg Ruth

Gregg Ruth is a designer and manufacturer of fine jewelry based in New York City.

For well over three decades, admirers from around the world have sought after Gregg Ruth’s high-profile collections.

In 1995, the company began to focus their design aesthetic around the use of Fancy Color Diamonds and Important Colored Stones. The company quickly became known as an industry leader in Yellow and Pink Diamond center stone pieces and helped to popularize these rare Diamonds.

It then expanded its world of color into the hues of Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire. A Gregg Ruth colored stone piece, whether it be a pendant valued at $1,000.00 or a necklace valued at $150,000.00 is instantly recognizable by its bright and highly saturated gemstones.

Today the Gregg Ruth Company has remained true to their roots while expanding their offering to include exotic stones and beautifully crafted contemporary fashion jewelry with a distinction. The Gregg Ruth Brand remains dedicated to the creation of jewelry which is fashion-forward yet timeless and which can be worn and treasured for decades.

KGK Group

The KGK difference

Their unique vertically integrated business is spread from mines-to- retail, marking their invincible presence across the pipeline of the gems & jewellery industry and translating it into a value chain offering considerable competitive advantages.

Fast facts

Headquartered in Hong Kong

12,000-member team

Active in Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia


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